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The Prayer Book of Ursula Begerin, 13.4 KB The Prayer Book of Ursula Begerin
2 volumes
Jeffrey F. Hamburger and Nigel F. Palmer  
Volume 1
Art-Historical and Literary Introduction
With a Conservation Report by Ulrike B├╝rger

Volume 2
Reproductions and Critical Edition

The prayer book of Ursula Begerin (Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. 801) is among the most extensively illustrated prayer books of the entire Middle Ages. First conceived for a laywoman of Strasbourg ca. 1380-1410 as a picture book with a cycle of at least 136 full-page tinted drawings on biblical subjects covering the entire span of salvation history, to which is added an extensive appendix of saints, it was remade as a prayer book ca. 1480 for a nun of the city through the addition of more than 156 specially composed German prayers.
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